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Essay Writing & Assistance – $17.99

The College Essay: Probably the single most important article in your application other than your GPA and Standardized Test Scores. The College Essay: Also probably the single most procrastinated on and article in your application process. So if the essay is so important, then why do students procrastinate so much? Most times it’s because students don’t know which direction to go in when starting the essay. Let us help you with writing your essay, structuring it, and organizing it, and we’ll give you a free revision once you have completed it. Stop procrastinating, and get your essay completed within days!

Résumé Writing – $15.99

Constructing a Résumé is extremely vital and probably the most underrated part of the application process. It allows application reviewers to analyze your portfolio from an entirely different perspective that cannot be fully achieved by the looking over the traditional application. In addition, the Résumé also adds a professional element to your application;this is sure to give you an upper hand on your competitors since a lot of high school students do not think to add one when applying to schools. Furthermore, the great part about a Résumé is that all you have to do is update it with a few sentences as you progress with your educational and work experiences — so essentially, once you have a Résumé, you’ll have it forever!

(Résumé writing is also available to non-high school students, college students, and entry-level professionals).

Personal Statement – $13.99

A Personal Statement performs one of the most critical jobs in advancing you beyond your competitors — it allows you to give an entire snapshot of yourself in creative form. Though the Résumé and Essay achieve this to a certain extent, they ultimately have to follow some type of standard form. With this piece added to your application, you’ll be able to gain an advantage over your competitors through strength of overall content that magnifies who you are!

Combo Supplemental Package – $29.99

  • Choose any 3 supplemental items to include in your college application! Recommended starter combinations include
  • Essay Writing & Assistance, Résumé, and Cover Letter; Personal Statement, Résumé, and Cover Letter
  • Résumé, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Creation.

Revisions/Consultations (Personally Constructed Articles) – $8.99

So you already have the supplemental articles you need, but you aren’t totally sure if they’re competent to the point of sending them to colleges & universities? Send them to us! We’ll gladly review them, and will correct any grammatical, punctuation, or structural errors! If we notice any additional revisions that can be made, we’ll offer you a free consultation on your content, and will provide you with the tools necessary to transform your articles into college-ready material!

Cover Letters – $12.99

Since all colleges & universities do not expect a Cover Letter from a high school student applying for admission, this is the perfect way to advance yourself from your competition! Usually compounded with your Résumé, a Cover Letter is the perfect way to directly inform the college/university of what you intend to accomplish if you were granted admission. Ultimately, this can increase your chances because your intents may fill a void that the college may currently have.

LinkedIn Profile Creation – $9.99

Many people may think that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most important and beneficial social networking sites offered to everyone. While they are, they aren’t nearly important as LinkedIn is to your professional career. With a LinkedIn profile, potential universities can see your college readiness and even use it as a tiebreaker between you and your competition. Later on throughout your college career, your LinkedIn profile will do wonders for you, whether you use it for corporate job searching & inquiries, professional connections, or to stay current with what is occurring in the professional world! (Reserved for students with some work or competitive project experience)