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Prepare For College The Right Way!

For a quick second, let’s walk on a journey.

All too often, we come across students who are not able to get into the colleges of their dreams. We hear everything from “Only if I did better during that chemistry test back in 11th grade” to “I should have crammed an extra hour of SAT studying last month”. She’s been there. He’s been there. They’ve been there. We’ve all been there. But what if we told you that there was a way to increase your chances? What if we told you that colleges care more about your personal character than any 2 numbers with a decimal point between them or any 4 numbers that resemble the cost of your future meal plan? Would you believe it? Well today, we are asking you to believe us.

Some of the best advice we can give is that colleges are making an investment in you, just as must as you are making an investment in the college. As strange as it might sound, colleges would much rather take a chance on the student who has a 3.4 GPA and a 1680 SAT, but who is also the president of his/her school’s National Honor Society, the captain of the basketball team, the orientation leader for incoming 9th graders, the star of the school play, and the community service chairperson of his/her student government, than a student with a 3.7 GPA and a 1860 SAT, but has never partaken in an extracurricular activity in his/her life. Why? Because the perceived return on investment for the first student mentioned is much higher than the investment for the second student. While the second student may increase the school’s overall GPA by a few hundredths of a point, based on their application, the first student may go on to create clubs & organizations, join an intramural team, lead the student association, or even become a school ambassador (which will ultimately bring more students to the campus!). Don’t you think that colleges would favor that return much more?
Now, I bet you’re asking how you let schools know about the person you are. Well, this is where we can help you. Cranium Writing Assistance aims to aid students in writing their essays, résumés, and personal statements, amongst other services. The Essay is your big stage to show the college how creative and articulate you are, and you can even add your own spin on it to intrigue the admissions team; the Résumé gives you the opportunity to extensively show off your professionalism and your body of work, and the Personal Statement gives you free range to directly sell yourself to the person reading your application. Through creative and captivating writing, we aim to make sure that the college can nearly personally identify with you without ever meeting you. With our help, we can ensure you that the supplemental articles in your application will enhance the attractiveness of your application.
With Cranium Writing Assistance, we help you Write the Right Way, making your application more competitive when you apply to the school of your dreams.